The Best Athlete Is Made During the Off-Season

Get In-Season Ready the Right Way

We train teams that focus on more than just being bigger, faster, and stronger. At STS Athletics, we'll take into account your personal fitness goals and find the right program for enhanced growth, performance, and overall health.
We'll make sure you're getting the right training while avoiding improper workouts that result in poor performance or injuries.

Dedicated to Your Performance

We take pride in seeing you succeed on the field and on the court. When you want to ensure that your body is the best it can be, you need to work with us. We'll make sure you get the right sports training. Call us today!

Providing You With a Solid Structure of Growth

Let's give you a complete assessment to determine if there is an alignment issue like a weak stabilizing or supporting muscle. This will help us design a program centered on your specific needs and goals. We'll strengthen your body, inside and out, by increasing the core and joint strength for your entire body.

Meeting Your Specific Workout Needs

You can work with us for one-on-one, two-on-one or group/team training. Our facility is also available for rent to sports teams and private use. 

Best Training Methods

Our staff at STS Athletics are highly recognized as top professionals in their field. We're here to help you become the best athlete you can be.

At STS Active, our training methods include
  • Advanced stabilization training
  • Flexibility training
  • Speed, agility, and quickness training
  • Reactive training
  • Power, strength, and endurance training
  • VO2 max training
  • Core training

STS Athletics Sports Specific Training

Training programs used to be centered just on the concept of bigger, stronger, and faster. While this is still the overall goal, there is a need to have a structured program that leads an athlete to this type of training at incremental levels. Addressing stabilization and core strength along with alignment and technique will ensure that an athlete progresses effectively and efficiently throughout the advanced phases of training.

We offer training for the various sports including:
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Volley Ball
  • Basketball
Our Trainers Are Highly Recommended And Certified! 
We Get Results!

Visit us today for a Free Consultation for your Athlete or Team!
560 W. Highland Rd. Highland MI 48357
Contact us with any questions.
248-714-5667 or 248-342-7365

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What is the Vertimax and Vertimax Training?
The Vertimax is a multipurpose and multi-sport training tool. It provides the athlete the ability to perform sports specific movements while begin resisted at the hips, knees, wrist, ankles to improve their speed, explosive power, and athletic ability. Take advantage of this training tool to get a step of the competition this off-season at STS Athletics. 

What sports is vertimax training beneficial for? 
With the ability to go on and off the board and be resisted from multiple joints makes the 
Vertimax beneficial for any sport. 

What benefits would an athlete gain from doing Vertimax training? 

Many benefits in athletic performance can be improved through Vertimax training, such as vertical jump height, sprinting speed, lateral quickness, first step explosive, balance, leg strength!    

Take Your Athlete to the Next Level

The off-season is when an athlete needs to dedicate their time and energy into a proper training program to ensure performance enhancement for the next season. Practicing their sport is vital, but there will be plenty of time for this when heading into pre-season training. During the off-season, an athlete needs to step away from the sport and focus on their growth potential - increasing their speed, strength, and power that will ensure better performance when they step back on the field, court or ice.
Muscle imbalance is very common in an athlete. Continued repetitive movements during the season can create an imbalance in the body generating excess stress on supporting joints, that leads to alignment issues or even worse, an injury. The off-season is a perfect time to address these issues related to a specific sport and rebalance the body ensuring more effective training and performance results.
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