We Have The Right Personal Trainer for Your Personal Fitness Goals

Reach Your Goals Faster With One-on-One Personal Training

When you're looking to get the most from your workout time, a personal trainer is the best choice. STS Active offers a variety of training options, including 1 hour and 1/2 hour workout sessions. You can also choose the two-on-one options to increase your motivation and competitive spirit by working out with a friend.
We guarantee you'll be working with the best trainers in the area, and we'll do what it takes to help you reach your fitness peak.

Fun, Affordable Training

You can enjoy the most enjoyable and affordable personal training services in the area when you work with us. We take pride in training individuals of all ages and fitness levels, regardless of whether you're an all-star athlete or are just getting started.

Creating Your Personal Workout Program

Let's sit down with you to discuss your personal fitness goals as well as medical history. We'll create a workout program that is perfect for your needs. Your custom-tailored program will help you achieve maximum results.

Start Getting in Shape Right Now

You can start on the path to excellent physical strength and endurance right now. Just pick up the phone and give us a call to learn about our fun and affordable personal training services.

Snapshot of Classes

Boot Camp: 6-Week rounds of intense cardio, strength, endurance, and nutrition mapped out for you each week. Our boot camp package comes with an unlimited class membership for the entire 6 weeks.

Body Blast: Focuses on attacking problem areas while building cardiovascular efficiency.

Small Group Training: Total body strength and metabolic conditioning typically taught in small group environment.

Suspension X: This workout utilizes your body weight to build lean muscle mass and muscular endurance.
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"Getting in my upper 40s with a demanding job, I found myself having trouble keeping up with demands needed for strength and cardio for my work. I started with STS Active and within several weeks (4-6), I found it easy to do my job as well as I felt stronger. I wasn’t out of breath which was a plus. My constant back pain seemed to be gone and I had lost weight and inches especially in my waist. Trainers at STS Active are excellent, motivating, very supportive, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend STS Active and all the trainers.
Huge thanks to Nick and Dave"

 - David Stoyk

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