Functional Fitness Training Methods

Weekly Functional Fitness Tips
3 Myths & What You Can Do To Help Your Posture

1.) Running/Walking/Hiking is bad for joints – Walking/Running isn’t bad for your joints. Chances are it is your body that isn’t ready for the activity. A proper warm up and cool down can help with preparing the body for exercise.
2.) Not considered exercise, you need to work out harder! – This is simply not the case, study after study shows that a 30 to 60 minute brisk walk can reduce health risks substantially.  
3.) Running or jogging burns more calories – It turns out, walking burns about the same amount of calories as running per mile.

Focus Points:
1.) Posture – Shoulders back and body upright, natural arm swing. This will ensure that the diaphragm can do its job to fill the lungs with oxygen while on your walk/run. Feet should point forward on your walk/run.
2.) Breathe - Your breathing should be in cadence with your stride, don’t hold your breath during.
3.) Mental – Being mindful of your surroundings, taking in your environment will keep you alert and active on your walk.

If Any Exercise causes pain DON’T DO IT! 
Always consult with your doctor before engaging in activity.  

Warm Up: 
1.) Foot Circles / Point & Flexes 30 Each, Clockwise, Counterclockwise, Point&Flex
2.) Knee Circles x10 Both Directions
3.) Hip Lift 1Min Each Side
4.) Hip Cross Over 1Min Each Side
5.) Cats & Dogs x10
6.) Kneeling Groin Stretch 1Min Each Side
7.) Down Dog 1Min

Cool Down: Focus on breathing deep
1.) Feet Close Forward Hang 1Min
2.) Runners Stretch 1Min Each Side
3.) Kneeling Groin Stretch 1Min Each Side
4.) Ankle / Calf Stretch 1Min
5.) Static Back 3Min

What Is Egoscue?

Pronounced as "E-gos-que", the Egoscue method is considered the world leader in non-medical pain relief. This revolutionary method for stopping chronic pain is deeply rooted in the belief that your body will never let you down. Your design isn’t flawed, your posture is.

The Egoscue Method® was developed as a natural program that makes sense and gets results. We put you back in the driver’s seat of your health with a series of gentle corrective exercises, called E-Cises®, tailored exclusively for you. This custom therapeutic approach brings your posture back into balance, thus returning your body to proper function. You can expect to feel better, experience less or no pain, enjoy the restoration of your physical self-confidence, feel an increase in your daily energy level, and just feel good again!

Egoscue Method® at STS Active

Our certified posture alignment specialist will take you step-by-step through the process of analyzing your specific posture condition. The goal is to get a better understanding of what is happening in your body, that is leading to imbalance and pain. Once we reach that understanding, we begin a plan of action.

Here at STS Active, we believe in maintaining the balance between form and function in the human body and achieve this by maintaining proper mechanics while exercising. STS Active is offering posture alignment therapies for current and new members alike.
Contact us today!

Initial pain-free assessment is complimentary! Visit STS Active today.

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