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"Getting into my upper 40s with a demanding job, I found myself having trouble keeping up with demands needed for strength and cardio for my work. I started with STS Active and within several weeks (4-6), I found it easy to do my job as well as I felt stronger. I wasn’t out of breath which was a plus. My constant back pain seemed to be gone and I had lost weight and inches especially in my waist. Trainers at STS Active are excellent, motivating, very supportive, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend STS Active and all the trainers.
Huge thanks to Nick and Dave"

- David Stoyk

"In January 2014, I met Christina. She did an assessment of my fitness level up to a point that I would have to report everything I ate and drank to her every day. On the assessment day, we set a goal, and a target date. It was March 2014, because I had a Jamaican vacation planned for early March. So I logged and exercised and before I knew it the week before my vacation had arrived.
I am happy to report that I wore a bikini on that vacation and I almost started crying when I weighed in just pounds away from my goal. We kept going through, even after my vacation, and I am now in single digit sized clothes. I am so incredibly happy. I feel amazing. I am healthy, strong, and toned. I lost 23lbs in 3-4 months while training with Christina. But I credit her for my amazing 50lb weight loss as she has seen me through the entire journey.
Christina is an amazing, inspiring, and wonderful fitness trainer. I even consider her my friend. She pushed me to reach new heights. I will forever be grateful for her help. I never thought I would be myself again after my children. I'm not just myself, I am a better version of myself. I am so proud of what I have been able to accomplish with her encouragement and support."

- Kim Miller

"My two surgically repaired knees ached with every step and served as a continuous reminder that 40 was only a few months away. The mirror validated that my fitness conquests were now two decades old and retired with my college football cleats. Fad dieting had me on a roller coaster ride when I had to step on the scale. I was working hard at finding fitness fulfillment on a stationary cardio equipment. That’s when I met personal trainer Mike David and my body has not been the same since."

- Sean McGraw

"I have tried many different workouts and weight loss programs before to coming to STS Active. I have worked out and have been on diet since my teen years. It all started with a Jane Fonda workout on a record player and followed by many other workout videos and fitness centers. I had great results with all of them, but I just wasn't able to maintain my results until I came to STS Active. Whether it's strength, endurance or lean muscle building classes, I have a variety to choose from. STS Active has been the most beneficial for me. While training with a trainer at STS Active, I feel safe knowing that they are experienced and have my best interests at heart! I recommend STS Active to everyone. My results are a walking billboard for what is possible. I am no longer on yo-yo dieting. I have learned what proper nutrition is. I am stronger and overall healthier. I am now down 4 pant sizes and wear a medium which used to be a large. I can comfortably run a mile and do 45 minutes of interval training on my own. I have lost 30 pounds and feel my absolute best. Oh yeah, I can climb the rope too!”

- Caren Zunich

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